Kayak Hire

Please bear in mind that kayaking is a watersport and it is advisable to bring a towel and swimwear (if possible)

Enjoy The Beauty
Enjoy the beauty of the Kaaimans River on a Sit-on-Top Kayak. Adventure Time Wilderness offers double sit-on-kayaks with kiddies middle seat, which can be used as a single, double or family kayak. It can accommodate 2 adults plus 1 child or 1 adult plus 2 – 3 children with a maximum capacity of 250kg. They are very stable and easy to manoeuvre with none to minimal experience. They come equipped with life jackets and paddles. No children under 12 years may kayak without a life jacket. Although we would prefer if all hirers wore life jackets, adults and swimming children over 12 years of age are not obliged to wear a life jacket.
Kaaimans River and Waterfall
Kaaimans River is a tidal river and although a short paddle, boasts a beautiful waterfall. There are many bird species, such as the Kingfisher, Giant Kingfisher and Fish Eagles. There is a wide range of natural vegetation and also beautiful wildlife, if you are lucky to catch a glimpse, such as Bush Buck, Otters, Mongoose and Genet Cats. Simple, pleasant, natural beauty. There is a Private Nature Reserve, Picnic Site at Kaaimans River, which charges R30.00 per group or car to park and/or picnic per day. So bring along a picnic or contact us to arrange a ready-made picnic for you (picnic orders must be placed and paid for 24 hours in advance please.) Gas skottle braais are also allowed. Unfortunately no open fires are permitted. The Picnic / Parking Site closes at 6:30pm daily.
Our Kayaks are very stable and safe, however, we do caution hirers not to attempt any irresponsible or dangerous stunts with our kayaks. No kayaking at the river mouth is allowed, in the event of the tide turning you could be forced out to sea on an outgoing tide current. No alcohol is allowed while kayaking and no one under the influence of alcohol may hire a kayak, for obvious reasons. We keep a basic first aid kit in the event of any minor injuries sustained, cuts and scrapes. Although we have never experienced an incident, Hirers hire kayaks, use the river, its surrounding river banks and rocky areas completely at their own risk. Hirers will be required to sign indemnity.
  • R150 - 30 Minutes

  • R200 - 1 Hour

Group bookings and extended hire period discounts are available on request


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